Extended Learning Opportunities (Learning For Life)


Hello to you all, here’s an update on the coming lectures for you. The ELO Board met last Thursday, the Program Committee on Friday. We will be starting lectures using Zoom on March 4 (Thursday mornings as always) and having five lectures in the series, ending April 1st.  This is about the time the winter session would normally be ending. This shortened session this time will give us a good idea of how different it will be to get speakers willing to do Zoom lectures and it will finish before the warm weather has us wanting to be outside -what a nice thought.


The plan is for the speaker to begin at 10am ,have a short 10 minute break to stretch your legs and then have a question and answer period following this. We think a break Is needed, but it has to be short so we don’t lose any of you! This may vary a bit, depending on the particular speaker.


Wayne and Ron will be shortly sending out a survey to see how many plan to join the lectures via Zoom, so please respond as they need to know numbers under the Zoom contract Wayne bought for us. At the present it’s for 100 people, but we can increase that if we need to. We just need to know.


They’ll also be sending out an invitation to you to join in on a trial Zoom meeting to make you familiar with how the lectures will run, and to answer any questions you have - this is planned for February 25.


This is a really condensed message, as your questions will be answered as we go along, Wayne will give you his email address for any technical questions, any others you can send to the ELO email as always.

I know most of you are familiar with Zoom, and most everyone uses it, it’s a bit different for those hosting an ELO session, but we’ll do our best.


Jackie Turbitt


Coming soon by Zoom

Please note that the letter above was sent to everyone, but Cogeco rejected the email for all those who have Cogeco email addresses.